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Buy Deglet Noor Dates in Fairfax, VA

Soleil Foods is a family owned and operated business offering the finest Mediterranean ingredients

We specialize in Mediterranean ingredients; products that are sun grown and naturally sun-dried. We’ve chosen Deglet Nour dates because of their distinctive taste, delectable texture, and popularity.  We’ve also chosen Carob because of its very rich nutritive benefits. 

At Soleil Foods, we are passionate about our customers. We are dedicated to bringing you only the best organically and eco-friendly grown ingredients. Our focus on delivering organic and healthy Mediterranean ingredients  drives all that we do.

As a company and as a team, Soleil Foods is dedicated to providing organic, healthy, environmentally Mediterranean ingredients for your family. Every step of the way is guided by our concern for the environment and for our customers. You can choose us with confidence knowing our food is healthy and delicious. 

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